A large and diverse box of organic fruit and veg, meats and chicken and weekly essentials. The box includes: 

  • A large selection of certified organic fruit and veg, always what is seasonally available. 
  • 4 packets of organic grass fed meat and organic free range chicken such as whole birds, minced beef, gourmet sausages, beef rissoles, chicken tenderloins and beef stir fry 
  • Sonoma Sourdough Loaf (gluten free option Venerdi Paleo Bread)
  • 2L Over the Moon Jersey Milk (dairy free option Nutty Bruce Almond Milk) 
  • A dozen certified organic and free range eggs

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This box is designed to give families an easy and reliable supply of top quality organic food with a diverse range of certified organic fruit and veg, organic and grass fed meat and chicken with a few other weekly essentials. 

Changes due to dietary requirements are welcome. 

Pick up from 4pm Monday - Saturday from our store in Bilgola Plateau or for an additional $5 your box can be home delivered to your door (we recommend someone be home to refrigerate the meat and milk straight away). Orders must be placed by 6pm for next day delivery or pickup. Later orders will still be accepted although we cannot guarantee they will be ready until the following business day. 

We will send you an email on Saturday afternoons with a link to order next weeks box. We can also set up a standing arrangement with automatic payments. 

Example Box (all our produce is subject to seasonal availability and what is available at the markets. Boxes are usually different from week to week, however always with the same great value. 

- 500g Certified Organic Beef Mince

-500g Chicken Tenderloins 

- 6 Gourmet Beef Sausages 

- Whole Organic Chicken 

- A Dozen Organic Free Range Eggs 

- 2L Organic Milk 

- Sonoma Whole Miche Sourdough

- Shallots

- 3 Zucchini's

- Celery

- 3 Tomatoes

- 5 Dutch Cream Potatoes

- Sweet Potato (Kumera)

- 5 Carrots

- Bunch of Grapes

- 5 Granny Smith Apples

- 3 Nectarines

- Red Capsicum

- 3 Cucumbers

- Rainbow Chard